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The Yubi Power Step Down Voltage Converter Kit converts 220/240V to 110/120 for use in Europe, Asia and countries with 220/2fd0V. It has thermal fuse protection and LED indicator light. Ideal for laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras and other electronic devices.

Ordering & Technical Specs


200 Watts Max Step Down voltage Converter for international travel to Europe and Asia

Converts 220/240 V to 110/120V so you could use american products in Europe, Asia & other 220/240V countries.

Comes with 2-round pin Euro Plug. Comes with additional adapters Type G, Type E/F, Type I, Type A for USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore. Led indicator light. Thermal Fuse protection.

Ideal for Laptop computers, iPads, fax machines, Blackberry Chargers, Phone, Camera & iPod Chargers and other light portable equipment. Do Not Connect Multiple Items At One Time.

Durable Kit Case Included.

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For high quantity orders, Yubi Power can use your company's logo and custom packaging design. Please mentions this in the massage you will submit.