About Yubi

Our Company

Yubi Power is a growing company built on the belief that we can offer you quality products at competitive prices. We specialize in a wide range of travel items that best suit your traveling needs. And we continually strive to give you what you look for when on the go. Therefor many of our travel products are both lightweight and compact for your convenience.

Our items service both your domestic and international needs. Many of our international products come with a variety of plug type options for use in most countries around the world. Offering you universal compatibility and reliability with our many travel wise small electronic devices and components is our goal.

From adapters to chargers and power strips we bring you a tremendous amount of universal and domestic travel products. Plus our Yubi Power travel line is well made with built in surge protection as well as other safety features for your protection and for the safety of your electronic devices.

We also offer other small electronic devices and accessories such as power towers, chargers, power banks, decoy surveillance and other electronic gadgets with both your home and office needs in mind. Yubi Power is constantly improving and adding new an innovative products to our growing line of small electronics and electronic accessories.